5 Chemicals & Toxins to Avoid when Buying Baby Products


Why is going natural so important?


It goes without saying, your baby’s skin is delicate and needs extra special care, especially throughout the first years of life.
Compared to adult's skin, a baby's skin barrier is up to 30% thinner and absorbs and loses moisture easily, this means that anything you put onto your baby’s skin is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.
There are large amounts of harmful chemicals in many over-the-counter products, some potentially toxic ingredients and known carcinogens are not required by law to be labelled on products.
It is helpful to know what ingredients to look out for whilst doing your weekly shopping or doing a late-night nappy run so below is a list of some ingredients that you should look out for!
  1. Talc
This powdered mineral is added to baby powder (and many other cosmetic powders). It’s used as a drying agent, but it’s also a known lung irritant and may also be carcinogenic (A carcinogenic is something that can cause you to have cancer)
  1. Fragrance
This is added to a wide variety of products, it is used to mask the odour of the nasty chemicals used in the product. Fragrance is linked to many allergies, skin irritation problems and eczema and can also be toxic to various organs in the body.
  1. Propylene glycol
Propylene glycol is used to open pores and let the other chemicals in. Propylene glycol is used in wiper fluid and to de-ice airplanes, and yet it is often found in baby wipes.
Look out for polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polypropylene glycol (PPG) on labels.
  1. Petroleum-based products
Stats show that 40 percent of all baby lotions and oils contain petrolatum, made from crude oil. This petroleum-based oil (also called mineral oil or baby oil) coats your baby’s skin with a contaminated film that doesn’t allow the skin to “breathe”. It clogs pores and slows the skin’s ability to release toxins, which also reduces skin function and normal cell development.
  1. Parabens
Unfortunately, parabens seem to be everywhere. They can be found in products such as soaps, body washes, shampoos, and moisturisers, including those marketed toward babies.
Parabens are neurotoxins and are linked to skin irritation, reproductive toxicity and hormone disruption.

That was scary, huh?

It is always best to use natural ingredients on your babies’ skin to help keep their skin safe, always opt for natural oils that are tried and tested.
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