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A year ago today I was picked, packed and shipped off to my new home with Andy, CEO of My Trend Global!

We're on a mission to make the world more eco-friendly and reduce plastic waste to keep our oceans clear and clean!


We wanted to share our journey with you!

So far we have saved…


1,460 plastic bottles from being dumped in landfills and oceans
Which has saved Andy £400 in bottled water! 


1,200 single-use coffee cups 
Did you know? Less than 1 in 400 ‘disposable’ coffee cups are recycled. 
Most coffee shops give you a discount on your drinks when you bring your own reusable bottle! 
This has saved Andy £130 on coffee this year.



That’s a grand total of £530 a year just from using a reusable bottle like me!



Over the last year I have been on loads of adventures…

From daily trips to work, the dreaded school run, the weekly grocery shop, weekend boat trips and after school dance classes, festival season, race for life, weekly tennis games, the UK heatwave and a holiday to Greece!


insulated flaskbottle with strawbottle for hot drinks


After all that, I’m not looking too shabby if I do say so myself!



Below I thought I’d give you 6 reasons why you should carry one of me with you everywhere you go.


  1. Reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles
Single-use plastic water bottles are thrown away by the billion per year! With only a 23% recycling rate, it's no wonder that plastic bottles are filling up landfills and our oceans. By choosing to use a reusable bottle, we greatly reduce our carbon footprint and take a huge step toward reducing plastic waste.
  1. Reusable bottles are better for your health
Single-use plastic bottles are not only causing major harm to the planet, but they can also be bad for your health! There are a variety of chemicals such as PET (polyterephthlate) that seep into the water stored inside of these bottles.
  1. You control what goes in your bottle
With a reusable bottle, you control exactly what goes into your bottle. Weather that’s filtered water, flavoured water or juice. With Rehydrate Pro bottles you can even keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cool!
  1. Save money on drinks whilst you’re out and about
Are you guilty of buying bottled water whilst you’re out and about? Or maybe you always pop to your local coffee shop on your lunch break?
The average person spends £303 every year on store brought coffee and £150 on bottled water in the UK alone – Rehydrate Pro reusable bottles retail at £22 each and can last for years.
Many coffee shops also offer a discount on drinks when you bring your own reusable bottle! Your bottle will pay for itself in as little as 22 cups of coffee! 
  1. Make healthier choices
Are you a sucker for a fizzy, sugar filled drink but want to shred a few pounds?
Carrying a reusable drinks bottle can encourage you to make healthier choices and reach those fitness goals!
  1. Keep track of how much you drink
In order to stay adequately hydrated, tracking your daily water intake is very important!
A reusable bottle can help you keep track of how much water you drink, instead of drinking from a bunch of single-use bottles and tossing them when they're finished.

Unsure on your recommended daily amount water intake?

Check out the ‘Hydration Calculator’ below!




I hope you learned a thing or two about plastic reduction and how you can make a difference; all that learning must have made you thirsty!

Enjoy 25% off all the Rehydrate Pro bottle range, use code AMZ20 to redeem!



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