How to Create the Perfect Family Bucket List!


family bucket list

What better way to bond as a family than with your very own bucket list?

If you love lists, family adventures and new experiences then this blog is for you!

Bucket lists are a great way to feel motivated, more accomplished and generally happier within yourself! 

Learn new skills, push yourself out of your comfort zone and finally get around to doing those things that ‘you’ve always wanted to do’.

As you set and achieve goals, some fun, some social, some charitable, you'll connect more with your family and create memories that you’ll have with you for the rest of your life.

So, what’s there to lose?

family bucket list

Download your Family Bucket List Template now!

Top 50 Family Friendly Bucket List Ideas!

  1. Take a family cooking class
  2. Fly first class in an aeroplane 
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. See the Northern Lights
  5. Discover more about your family history
  6. Take part in water sports, such as, kayaking
  7. Grow fruit and veg in your garden
  8. Try indoor skydiving
  9. Learn another language
  10. Visit a water park
  11. Go camping
  12. Go glamping
  13. Go crabbing off a pier
  14. Go to the circus
  15. Go to a music festival
  16. Go to a drive-in cinema
  17. Go on a pedalo
  18. Go Zorbing
  19. Go sailing
  20. Watch a pantomime
  21. Visit Europe
  22. Visit America
  23. Visit 10 countries
  24. Roast marshmallows
  25. Visit 5 theme parks
  26. Each paint a family portrait and put one in every room of the house
  27. Play crazy golf
  28. Watch a TV show live
  29. Stay in 30 hotels in different locations
  30. Use a water taxi
  31. Hike up a mountain
  32. Ride in a dune buggy
  33. Ride in a horse and carriage
  34. Visit 10 different castles
  35. Visit 10 different museums
  36. Visit an aquarium
  37. Find your way around a maze
  38. Take a boat trip
  39. Watch the 50 greatest movies of all time
  40. Visit an animal farm
  41. Create a family scrapbook
  42. Learn a magic trick
  43. Go 24 hours without internet, radio and television
  44. Take a road trip
  45. Run a marathon
  46. Visit a zoo
  47. Build a gingerbread house 
  48. Experience Christmas markets in Europe 
  49. Ice skating at Christmas
  50. Meet Santa in as many different locations as possible

 family bucket list


Download your Family Bucket List Template now!

Print your Family Bucket List Template out, fill in your bucket list ideas and put it up on the fridge so the whole family can get involved! 

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