Is it really possible to have a plastic free Halloween?

It's that time of year again! Where Brits spend over £300 million celebrating Halloween, most of which, will be spent on spooktastic costumes, decor and candy!


If you think those figures are frightening, even scarier is the use of plastic at Halloween - hidden in our synthetic costumes, masks, wigs, sweet wrappers, decorations and glitter. 

We think it’s time to put the fun back into this frightful holiday, without spooking the planet. Here’s how you can have a ghoulishly good, sustainable and plastic-free Halloween.




  1. Bring old costumes back from the dead
Whether dressing up ourselves, our children or our pets; pulling together the perfect costume for trick or treating is all part of the fun.
However, a recent survey stated that Halloween costumes on sale in the UK are made up of 90% plastic.
But it doesn't have to be this way! There are lots of other sustainable (and more enjoyable) ways to create a spooktacular Halloween costume without buying a new one every year.
For example, rather than buying a new plastic-based costume from the shop, make one yourself! Old sheets can be easily turned into a witches cape or an old t-shirt can be ripped and covered in fake blood!
You could also visit your local charity shop to find a variety of fancy-dress outfits or trade outfits with your friends to bring old costumes back to life.
  1. Paint your face
Some of the most impressive Halloween looks can be created by simply using face-paints; a YouTube video is all you need!
There is a YouTube video for every look you could think of; from Day of the dead, Zombies and Vampires! You can create some terrifyingly terrific looks with natural, non-toxic face-paint to ensure that you’re not contributing to ocean plastic pollution.
(Top tip: If you want to add a bit of glitz to your Halloween look try out some biodegradable glitter)
  1. Trick or (plastic free) Treat
Most supermarkets stock Trick or Treat buckets, usually in the shape of a pumpkin, which of course, is made of plastic. 
If you’re taking your children trick-or-treating, try using pillowcase cases or canvas tote bags to cut down on plastic use. Decorating the bag ahead of Halloween is also a fun craft activity to get in the Halloween spirit! Plus, you can re-use the bags year after year!
  1. Knock, knock
Does the amount of sugar and plastic that is being consumed give you a fright? Why not give out a treat that lasts and doesn’t come individually wrapped in plastic, such as stationery. It might not excite the trick or treaters as much as a packet of sugary sweets, but the parents will thank you!
  1. Plastic not so fang-tastic
If you want to skip the stationary, how about candy that’s not wrapped in plastic? A surprising number of candies come in paper boxes! For example, Smarties and M&Ms.
Curb that sweet tooth craving the Eco-friendly way!



Got some old Halloween costumes? Here’s what you can do with them!

7 million Halloween costumes are thrown away each year; this means that Halloween costumes are likely to be contributing to new plastic waste on a huge scale - scary stuff!

However, there is something you can do to reduce those figures! Phew!

Don’t throw your costume away; create a fancy-dress storage box and save it for next year or the year after, when it can be reused or swapped with a friend.

If storing your costumes isn’t an option, you can donate your costume to a local theatre, youth group or school for them to use throughout the year!


We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know what you did to have a plastic free Halloween this year!

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