Top 5 Apps All Dog Owners Should Use!


top 5 apps all down owners should use

Smartphone apps aren’t just for humans anymore! 



In fact, there are dozens of dog apps out there to help you manage your responsibilities as a devoted dog owner.

Do you wish you had your very own dog training coach in your pocket? Or maybe your looking for an easy, hassle free way of tracking your favourite walks and sharing them with friends and family?

Well, like everything else, there’s an app for that!

Sniff around the App Store or Google Play for a little while, and you'll find a whole bunch of apps that are perfect for dog owners...

Short on time? Not to worry - we've done all the digging for you and we’ve rounded up the best apps that every puppy parent needs to try!



    1. Dogo - Personal Training Tips for You and Your Dog

    Dogo is your very own puppy’s personal training coach in your pocket!
    Dogo offers 60+ training tips for a wide range of dog behaviours from serious training issues such as toilet training, puppy chewing and reactive behaviour and fun tricks such as teaching your dog/puppy to high five, give paw and spin.
    The app offers clear step-by-step instructions with fun illustrations and in-built clicker feature, so you never forget your clicker during training sessions!

    2. DogLog - Track Your Dog's Life


    5 Apps All dog owners should use

    DogLog enables dog owners all over the world to track their pet’s health!
    From vet check-ups, daily medicine schedules and grooming bookings you can keep a record of all the important things going on in your dog’s life.
    The app allows you to track food and treats given, walks, toileting, teeth cleaning, grooming, medicine and there is even a ‘custom’ option so that you can add anything else you may want to track!

     3. Rover – Dog Sitters & Walkers


    Rover is a platform that lets you hire trusted Pet Sitter, dog walkers and pet care providers in your local area.
    Get adorable photo updates, GPS tracking of your dog’s walk and an easy way to message sitters all through one app.
    With an average rating of 4.9 stars with over 101,000 reviews, you’re guaranteed to find a 5-star, trusted sitter near you!

     4. Tractive - Track Your Dog Walks

    top 5 apps that all dog owners should use


    Track your daily walks with your very own dog walk tracker app!
    Record the route, distance and the duration of each walk you take and track all the exercise you and your dog/s are getting each day.
    The app allows you to take photos of your walks, record toileting habit information and share your favourite walks with friends and family.

    5. Bark Happy - Discover the Dog Friendly World Around You!

    Bark Happy is an app that allows you to explore dog friendly places and events and connect with nearby dog owners!
    Some of the features include:
    • Searching for dog friendly restaurants, stores, and hotels nearby
    • Find upcoming dog friendly events or host your own group play dates with friends
    • Connect with other dogs nearby to make new friends by sending wags, messages, and more
    • Create lost or found reports if your pet goes missing and alert other users in that area with your dog’s photo and important information


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