Top Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm This Firework Night!



It's estimated that 45% of dogs show signs of fear when they hear loud noises such as fireworks.

As we all know, Firework Night is more like firework week!  


A few signs your dog is feeling anxious is excessive panting, pacing, tail tucking, shaking and hiding.


But what can you do if your dog is experiencing any of the symptoms above?


We want to help you get prepared for Firework Night with these top tips from trusted trainers so you can learn how to desensitise your dog to loud noises before firework night comes around!


Follow these steps below:

  • Using a platform such as YouTube, find a video that has a variety of firework noises throughout. Select a small part of the clip to start with which is just one element of the full firework noise.


  • Begin your training in a familiar environment where your dog will be most relaxed. Have their favourite toys and treats at the ready!


  • Offer your dog a treat or begin playing with them with their favourite toy before you start - it’s important to start with the sound down low as dogs can hear higher pitches than humans!


  • Watch your dog very carefully as you start to play the noises. If you think he or she is worried, stop the sound immediately, but carry on playing with him/her until he/she is relaxed again. When you start again, have the volume set even lower!


  • If your dog ignores the sounds, you can increase the volume very gradually over time (it is best to do this over a few sessions) It’s vital to do this very gradually and always watch for any signs of worry in your dog/s


  • Repeat, increasing the volume slowly each time (only if your dog is relaxed.)


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Tried any of these tips out? Let us know how you got on! Tag us on Instagram and hashtag #MyTrendPet to keep us up to date!


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