Rehydrate Pro (Copper-25oz) Double-insulated Stainless Steel Water Vacuum Bottle Flask
Rehydrate Pro (Copper-25oz) Double-insulated Stainless Steel Water Vacuum Bottle Flask
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Rehydrate Pro (Copper-25oz) Double-insulated Stainless Steel Water Vacuum Bottle Flask

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  • THE BEST MOST CONVENIENT INSULATED BOTTLE YOU WILL EVER NEED- It is compact in size, but powerful in how it will cover your hydration needs in hot or cold weather. The double wall insulation feature makes sure that it will keep your favorite beverages cold for a whole day and hot for most the day or night under intense conditions.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN YET OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD ANYWHERE - This bottle will make you look good, healthy and environmentally friendly where ever you go. Strong handle on the cap with easy twist closure. No sweating from condensation when using iced cold drinks. Will keep just the right amount of liquid to keep you hydrated in between meals, jobs, stop overs, projects or classes. Design to look good where ever you choose to show it off
  • ENGINEERED WITH 18/8 DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL AND COATED WITH COPPER FOR HIGHER PERFORMANCE. This material is also BPA Free and meets all safety standards to come in contact with food. No metallic after taste and best of all it helps the environment. The more you use it and avoid single use plastic bottles, you are helping your wallet and the environment. Eco friendly, durable and safe to use by the whole family.
  • NEVER LOOSE IT AND ALWAYS USE IT. We encourage you to personalize your water bottle. Give it a personality of its own or incorporate it into your day to day life. By adding your name to the bottle you are claiming this product as yours and yours alone. By naming the activity you intend to use it on, you are claiming commitment and dedication. Call it FAT BUSTER or BODY SCULPTOR, and see what it does to your psyche.
  • BONUS FLIP N SIP SPORTS CAP - This insulated water bottle will represent you elegantly and with style in the office, on the road, at school or in the gym, where the Flip N Sip cap will serve you the best. We encourage you to use this cap with cold beverages only. This sports cap allows you to stay hydrated under the most intense situations while using one hand, where time, and hydration is essential. Just flick the spout up to drink and bring it down to close.

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