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Why A Water Bottle?

Saves you money - no more retail.

Is good for the environment - Do you have any idea the amount of cheap plastic bottles and lids end up in the ocean and affecting the environment?  Buy one bottle, any bottle, and use it and reuse it over and over again . By avoiding single use and disposable plastic bottles; you are contributing to saving the environment. Can use with various types of drinks and tastes do not keep in the bottle

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It makes you look good and committed to a healthy life style.

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THE BEST MOST CONVENIENT INSULATED BOTTLE YOU WILL EVER NEED; It is compact in size, but powerful in how it will cover your hydration needs in hot or cold weather. The double wall insulation feature makes sure that it will keep your favorite beverages cold for a whole day and hot for most the day or night under intense conditions.

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ENGINEERED WITH 18/8 DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL AND COATED WITH COPPER FOR HIGHER PERFORMANCE. This material is also BPA Free and meets all safety standards to come in contact with food. NO metallic after taste and best of all it helps the environment. The more you use it and avoid single use plastic bottles, you are helping your wallet and the environment. Eco friendly, durable and safe to use by the whole family.

NEVER LOOSE IT AND ALWAYS USE IT. We encourage you to personalize your water bottle. Give it a personality of its own or incorporate it into your day to day life. By adding your name to the bottle you are claiming this product as yours and yours alone. By naming the activity you intend to use it on, you are claiming commitment and dedication.

Call it FAT BUSTER or BODY SCULPTOR, and see what it does to your psyche.

BONUS FLIP N SIP SPORTS CAP. This insulated water bottle will represent you elegantly and with style in the office, on the road, at school or in the gym, where the Flip N Sip cap will serve you the best. We encourage you to use this cap with cold beverages only. This sports cap allows you to stay hydrated under the most intense situations while using one hand, where time, and hydration is essential. Just flick the spout up to drink and bring it down to close.


Health Benefits of Hydration


The most important factor for our physical health and wellbeing is water. The reason for this is that every cell in the body depends on water for nourishment as well as waste removal. Water or hydration as the process is known is a basic requirement for bodily physiological functions such as carrying nutrients to cells, digestion, controlling body temperature, regulating blood pressure, enhancing the texture of the skin and waste removal.


Boosting health

A properly hydrated body is full of vitality and energy and gives stamina for better endurance. The weight of a person is also stabilized by drinking adequate water. A person drinking sufficient water will find out that it helps to not only clear the mind but also allows a person to deal with stress. In the longer run, ample hydration is instrumental in slowing down the aging process and boosting general health.


Balance of fluids

The balance of fluids within the body is determined by the amount of water that is taken in on a daily basis. This is a daily function as water is not stored but is expelled from the body constantly. The fluids within the body carry nutrients and the concentration of these fluids impact the internal body functions and their balance which are mainly:

  • Creating the environment necessary for chemical processing within each cell in order to facilitate the production of energy and thus develop growth
  • Strengthening of cells and tissues and giving them structure
  • Acting as the medium for the disposal of waste and toxins from each cell
  • Maintenance of body temperature

Our body houses a complex mechanism to ensure the balance of body water. The brain sends messages through the posterior pituitary gland to the kidneys as to the amount of water the body should hold onto as reserves and the amount it should excrete. When the water levels are low the brain triggers our thirst mechanism and we should replenish the water level immediately. We do this normally by reaching out for a glass of water or a drink automatically. Any type of drink will quench thirst other than alcohol. The reason why alcohol makes you even more dehydrated is because it confuses the messaging between the brain and kidneys and as a result the body excretes more fluids.


Daily requirement

The daily recommended dosage of water for an adult is eight glasses or a minimum of 2 liters. We also take about 0.5liters of water through our food. In fact, this is equal to what your body loses on a daily basis. An adult loses about 2.5 liters of water through bodily functions such as sweating, urinating, excreting and even breathing.



Water is essential for good skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is our first defense against infections and other diseases. In addition, water helps the skin to be supple preserving its elasticity and softness. A properly hydrated body will have skin that is clear enhancing beauty. However, it should be noted that while water is good for the skin it cannot stop aging and over hydration will only result in the kidneys excreting the excess water.



Brain functions are maintained by adequate supplies of blood containing oxygen. This is facilitated by proper hydration and the brain will be alert. Dehydration causes the impairment of the brain by lessening concentration and even short term memory.



The functions of the heart need the medium of liquid to pump blood to the body. Water balance helps to maintain blood pressure levels and the distribution of nutrients through blood. Blood pressure can be affected by dehydration and will increase the heart rate.


Digestive tract

Good metabolism is the key to a healthy body. Water helps to digest food, dissolve and absorb nutrients and transport them to each and every cell. Decreased levels of water within the body will result in constipation.


Muscles and joints

Body form and posture is determined by muscles and bones. Water acts as a lubricant in joints and cushions them against sudden impacts. Muscles contain about 70 to 75 percent water and will not function properly when dehydrated. Cells shrivel without water and fatigue sets in. This is the reason why fluid intake is recommended when exercising



This is the organ that is most affected when the body is dehydrated. It is responsible for the excretion of excess nutrients, waste and water from the body through urination. It also controls the levels of sodium and electrolytes. A normal kidney filters around 180 liters of fluid daily. A good indication that your body has sufficient amount of water is when your urine is light in color and free of strong odors. Lack of adequate water can cause kidney stones.


Body temperature

The body regulates the temperature of the body through the mechanism of sweating. It prevents overheating and acts as a thermoregulator. Sweating cools the body.


Beauty and Hydration

 Adequate hydration is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Beauty is a byproduct of a properly hydrated body. Drinking pure water is the healthiest way to ensure that you are fulfilling essential needs of your body while quenching your thirst and enhancing your looks. We do not always associate our looks with how much water we drink. Getting used to the idea of water helping us to slim down and stay younger can be made into a useful tool to keep the body hydrated. Adding healthy beverages to our daily diet will not only keep our bodies healthy but will also change the way we look; our skin will look relaxed and smooth, we will look younger and we will have more energy.

Dehydration on the other hand causes a range of physical changes which can make a person almost unrecognizable in their outward appearance. There are a variety of symptoms that will show a person to be dehydrated. On top of the list of dehydration detracting from beauty is the skin. It makes the skin less supple, dry and brittle to begin with. It will also cause the skin around the eye to get a darker pigmentation and as a result the eyes will look tired and droopy. Acne and a general lack of energy are other symptoms of being constantly dehydrated.

Drinking pure water is the best way to beat dehydration. Other beverages such as coffee, drinks with additives, sugary drinks and sodas do help to alleviate thirst although in the long run they may have other effects such as weight gain and developing acidic conditions. Sugar and salt in food and drinks tend to interfere greatly with beauty detracting from your appearance. The following are five major pathways to attain physical beauty by drinking water, and lots of it.


Lifting away fatigue and erasing a tired look

When you lack energy and look tired all the time it will give you a very lethargic and indolent look. Dullness creeps all over you and makes you feel fatigued and down when you are dehydrated. This can be easily changed with the intake of water. Water will energize your body and will lubricate the joints and muscles. This will take away the indolent, lethargic look and improve the skin around the eyes and stop them from drooping. Even drinks such as Green Tea will help to melt fatigue from your body and add form and texture to your muscles. This will in turn help you to exercise longer and look healthier and more beautiful.


Controlling weight gain

Drinking more water will not necessarily make you lose weight. However, it can be of help when it comes to controlling the appetite. It is a strategy used by many to help with their dieting. Drinking lots of water, substituting water for other beverages with more calories and the intake of water just before meals go a long way in losing weight. Eating food that contains a higher amount of water is healthier in the long run. They include vegetables and fruit which anyway help to enhance physical wellbeing and beauty. Items of food that contain water tend to be larger and therefore will take longer to chew. The rate of absorption is slower than for other items of food which helps to make you feel full.


Skin rejuvenation

Drinking water is the best way to a healthy glowing skin. The skin will become clearer as toxins are expelled from the body. Water helps to keep the skin supple and moisturized enhancing beauty by giving the skin a younger look. While skin moisturizing creams help temporarily it is only the intake of more water that will give a lasting glow. It is a cheaper and more accessible solution, if only we realize and practice it. A well-nourished skin will have fewer wrinkles and cracks. Internally, each cell is plumped up by water making them fuller resulting in the outward look the same in a healthy way.


Clearing under-eye dark circles

Under-eye dark circles can be due to aging, inadequate nutrition, lack of sleep or dehydration. When you say dehydration it does not have to be severe dehydration but can also mean that you are not drinking enough water. Well balanced meals comprising of vegetables, fruit and water is the best way to keep these dark circles away. If you are suffering from lack of sleep drinking more water will not only hydrate you but will also boost your energy levels and drive fatigue away from your eyes. The dark circles will be less visible.


Prevents acne from affecting your skin

People who battle with acne often have been drinking less water over long periods of time and they will definitely feel the difference once they start drinking adequate water on a regular basis. Acne sufferers are advised to drink water or tea with either herbs or lemon for best results. Water facilitates the cleansing of the body by ridding it of toxins through the output of water. When the bowels are cleaned skin eruptions lessen visibly adding to beauty.

Taking in more water on a daily basis does not have to be boring or painful. A healthy alternative for water is infusing with lemon or herbal tea to keep your systems properly hydrated. With a little imagination you can add a few slices of strawberries and mint leaves to your glass of water to make it more appealing or through an infuser. A beverage can be included with each meal or snack you take and the choice can also be healthier if the calorie intake is less. Carrying a bottle of water with you, keeping it in your car or office will also help to keep you hydrated and looking beautiful.

How much Water should One drink per day


Water is the element that we need most for our survival. Nearly 70% of our bodies are made up of water and is also the medium through which nutrients and oxygen is transported to each cell. Our body balances water within our bodies with electrolytes present and together they determine how the body functions. Nerves and muscles are both impacted by the amount of water in our systems

Let’s consider what will happen to our bodies when there is a lack of water. This state is called a dehydrated state and often the end result will be the shutting down of all systems in the body and if not arrested will end in death. Fluids in the body maintain blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and metabolism in addition to being mainly responsible for transporting nutrients and waste.


Consequences of dehydration

Dehydration affects each person in different degrees. In some severe cases it can cause extreme anxiety, confusion, changes in behavior, sleepiness, loss of consciousness, rapid breathing and overall weakness of the body. Although we do not give much thought to dehydration it is automatically addressed through the mechanism of thirst in our bodies. Many people still continue to take only the minimum amount of water and quite often are below the minimum requirement and thus falling into a category that will be highly susceptible to dehydration. This is especially true of people involved in sports. Even the slightest change can cause a person in the arena of sports to have serious performance issues.


How much water per day?

This is a perennial question that gets the answer as 8 glasses. Yes, for a normal adult this is quite a good level of hydration. However, it is best to drink around 11-16 cups of water per day as this will ensure hydration at a higher level. This can include not only other beverages but also the water content in your solid food. Hydration needs differ from one person to another depending on their age and circumstances. The following categories of people need a higher level of hydration than the average adult: 

1. People suffering from ailments such as bladder infections, urine problems, kidney stones, skin conditions, fever, diarrhea, vomiting etc. 
2. Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant 
3. People who are traveling or living in hot climates 
4. People who are exercising or truing to loose weight.

What is BPA?

“Bisphenol A” is a chemical used in the production of plastics and epoxy resins since 1960’s. Most commons uses are containers for food and water. It is also use to coat food cans, water pipes, and even seals used in medical equipment.

Is it safe?

According to the FDA, small amounts that is transferred to consumables is safe, but studies are ongoing. Some research has linked BPA to brain, prostrate glans in fetuses, infants and small children. Content of BPA in the body is evident in about 90% of the population based on thousands of urine sampling on humans six years or older. The statistic worsens based on the body weight, size and age of the subjects, leading us to believe that we must be the most careful with our youngest generations.

How does BPA get into my body?

Some contamination could take place through the air, but most through our diet.

Should I be concerned?

Yes, although studies continue, there is no need to take chances, particularly if you have children or older in the house. The evidence so far indicates you should be concern, so be careful

How do I protect myself and family?

Very easy- be aware on the type of plastics in your home, and if they are not BPA Free try to avoid using for storage or heating of food items.

  • Use ceramic ware or glass to heat food on microwaves
  • BPA is used to line the inside of cans holding food. Reduce or avoid canned food altogether
  • Store food in glass, porcelain or steel containers
  • Baby bottles should be BPA Free
  • Reduce use of single use water bottles and help the environment at the same time.
  • If you do purchase plastic make sure is BPA Free