Slap-it Cartoon Mosquito Bands - Orange Clownfish
Slap-it Cartoon Mosquito Bands - Orange Clownfish
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Slap-it Cartoon Mosquito Bands - Orange Clownfish

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MyTrendKids Slap-it Cartoon Mosquito Bands, DEET Free, Insect Repellent, Waterproof, Protection for up to 45 Days, Safe for Children and Babies.


A FUN insect repellent ‘slap it’ wristband to encourage your little ones to stay protected from insect bites whilst in the UK or travelling abroad.


Product features

◆ 1. This product is made of silicone material containing organic lemongrass, chrysanthemum essential oil and menthol.

◆ 2. The product contains 0% DEET, it is toxic free and safe for babies and children.

◆ 3. It does not contaminate clothes as the mosquito repellent is located in the shell of the bracelet. This means it does not directly contact the skin and is safe, with the main use being to avoid mosquito bites with this product. 

◆ 4. Waterproof

◆ 5. Bright colour band with a variety of designs to choose from.

◆ 6. Easy to install and remove.

Fits both children and babies’ wrists or ankles.

Places of use; Home, fishing, walking, sport, camping and travelling.



◆ 1. Open the package and adjust the size of the bracelet according to the size of the wrist

◆ 2. Guaranteed protection for up to 45 days. When the fragrance is light, you can change the mosquito repellent block at any time by ordering an additional centrepiece.



◆ 1. Babies, infants and young children should use under adult supervision.

◆ 2. Please keep out of reach of children/babies unless supervised.

◆ 3. If you have allergic symptoms such as redness or itching during use, stop using it immediately

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